VR Business Club – VR Cast mit Stefano Corazza VP, Fellow – AR @ Adobe

Metaverse: Content Creation and Distribution

Stefano Corazza, VP&Fellow of Augmented Reality at Adobe will discuss winning strategies for content creation

Yesterday, we had the second VR Cast of 2022 with another great guest speaker. This time, we had the pleasure of welcoming Stefano Corazza to the VR Cast. 
Stefano is the VP & Fellow AR at Adobe

And of course we discussed the Metaverse and particularly content creation and distribution as this is where Adobe’s tools add significant value. 

Stefano explained Adobe’s thinking which was recently summarised in a new MV Homepage and a Whitepaper which you can download. It was fascinating to see how Adobe helps creators and artists to get into the Metaverse and to create outstanding results. 

Stefano’s recommendation to all businesses: Get Metaverse ready by replacing everything (products and experiences) of your business in a digital way, so you are prepared and you have a pipeline to feed the growing Metaverse(s). A great recommendation. Reach out when you want to discuss further how this can happen, The VR Business Club has specific offerings which will help you. 


Former Researcher at Stanford University Biomotion Lab where he developed machine learning solutions for markerless motion capture. Founder of Mixamo, the first online service for 3D character animation acquired by Adobe in 2015. He is the head of Augmented Reality as Vice President & Fellow. Artist, Angel Investor, Startup Advisor. Founder of the Festival of the Impossible.

Hosted by Oliver Autumn, founder of the VR Business Club and moderated by Michael Alf, founder Alf Global Services and member of the VR Business Club