VR Business Club – VR Cast – with Nikolay Smorgun from Computools

5 Striking Ways Companies Use VR And AR For Business SuccessMichael Alf in Talk with Nikolay Smorgun, Head of Game Development Department at Computools.Virtual and Augmented Reality technologies have wide opportunities and high potential that can be applied in various industries.

Using Computool’s examples and expertise, you will learn how to improve training programs and processes, increase consumer engagement (car dealership) and provide your customers with an intensive product testing experience. You will also be informed about the many possibilities and advantages of VR for prototyping and modelling new products.
—————-Hosted by Oliver Autumn, founder of the VR Business Club and moderated by Michael Alf, founder Alf Global Services and member of the VR Business Club.

More infos for Computools at our VR Business Club Website: http://vrbusiness.club/computools?lang=en