VR Cast „Immersive Tech Futures in Light of COVID-19“

Our guest of the last VR Cast was Lauren Xandra, VP Strategy of the National Research Group. 

Lauren presented elements of her latest research „The Great Refresh“ that looks at how the current crisis resets values and what role technology and immersive technology in particular plays. Here you find the recording of the talk: https://youtu.be/CKCXyPy07HE

88% of the participants appreciate the positive impact of technology on culture and society through this pandemic. And 9 out of 10 recognise the opportunity to reflect what is important to them. 

The discussion with participants in AltspaceVR was about the fact that this situation opens a floodgate for an increase of immersive technology, a reset in how we look at remote and online work and the urgent need for technology players – especially in the AR space – to catch up to the expectations of the masses.

Thank you Lauren for getting up so early in Los Angeles and providing valuable perspectives und Michael Alf for the great moderation on such a sunny afternoon in Berlin.