VR Business Club – VR Cast mit AJ Shewki, Co-Founder and CEO LIV, from Prague

For the first „official“ VR Cast hosted by the VR Business Club and Oliver Autumn yesterday, we were able to welcome AJ Shewki, founder and CEO of liv.tv from Prague, as our guest. He had a first-class brain and is a damned good speaker.

Greatly moderated by Michael Alf, interesting topics related to VR, but also related to distributed learning and distributed organizations were discussed with about 20 guests. The gaming industry as a frontrunner certainly sets new standards and collects valuable experiences that are or can become relevant for other fields of application.

According to AJ, the key to creating more intimacy between participants is a photorealistic avatar. He expects that to happen within the next five years. Participating guests found that it is already good to hang out and spend time with people we know in a shared space, even though AltVR space still offers little creativity and interaction. There is a lot more to explore and to test going forward. 

Among the participants from Berlin, Amsterdam and Munich were Alexander Wolf, Axel Girbert, Frank Richter, René Bohne, Dominic Escofier, Daan Kip and many others.